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since its summer and getting hot: dont shave ur huskies/any double coated dog

Wait how come?

its because theyre double coated and if you shave them that coat will never grow in correctly again. it will permanently mess up their ability to thermoregulate bc they dont have their different fur layers to insulate them or use for sun protection. heres a link going into a little more detail why 

Shaving your husky can actually raise the chances of it suffering from heat stroke! The best thing to do in summer months is to comb out the undercoat that’s already shedding on its own using a rake. It looks like this:

This takes time. If you don’t have time to maintain their coat, don’t get a husky. On a side note, the Furminator grooming tool seems popular, but can cause damage to the coat if overused or used improperly. Do your research before using it.

On ANOTHER NOTE: If you have a Husky/Shepherd or another double coated dog there is NO SHAME in having them groomed to blow out that undercoat. Not only do they get it gone, but it TOTALLY saves you battling the dustbunny hoard that will invade your house if you can’t keep up with it. 

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